“We the doctors and staff of Eastside Animal Hospital pledge to the utmost of our ability to provide service to our clients and patients, to educate them and give them the care and personal attention necessary to improve their quality of life. We promise to our patients to use our knowledge, compassion and ethics to ensure they have a happy, healthy, pain free life. With dedication to the task of providing premier care, we will continue to advance our knowledge to better serve the animals in our charge.” – Eastside Animal Hospital


Dr. Rusty performing laser surgery.

Laser Surgery

We are proud to have state of the art laser surgical equipment. Because Eastside was the first veterinary hospital in Arkansas to offer laser surgery, we feel that our experience speaks for itself. This latest advancement in surgical techniques helps our patients by reducing post-operative complications. We feel that certain procedures such as large mass removal, peri-rectal surgery, oral surgery and feline declaws are best performed via laser.

Dr. Chrissy performing an ultrasound.


We have advanced diagnostic equipment on site to help our veterinarians uncover certain ailments quickly including cancer, gall bladder disease, bladder stones, liver disease and kidney disease. We can ultrasound our obstetric cases and diagnose pregnancy after just 30 days of gestation.

Dr. Laura performing a dental procedure.


Our hospital is equipped with a brand new dental machine including scaler, polisher, suction and drill. We can quickly and efficiently clean your pet’s mouth once they are safely under anesthesia. Dental cleaning extends the life of your pet by decreasing oral bacteria which can directly contribute to heart, liver and kidney disease. Just as in human medicine, oral health is the key to overall health. Ask about our special dental health months.

Surgery assistant LeAnn studying x-rays.

Digital Imaging X-rays

What the flat screen and high definition TV has done for video home entertainment, digital x-ray imaging has done for veterinary x-ray medicine. In an effort to improve our diagnostic ability and offer a more complete comprehensive radiographic package for our patients, staff, and doctors of Eastside, we’ve used our time and funds in training in the advanced art of digital x-ray imagery. Like old polaroids used to take good pictures, digital radiography takes phenominal x-rays, allowing us to identify problems once hidden behind analog technology. We can instantly transfer these images to specialists to be evaluated online. In addition, our telemedecine capacity has enhanced the ultrasound and electrocardiograms (EKG) functions that are already in place. We offer the widest variety of telemedicine in the area.

Maya and LeAnn measuring a cat for x-ray.

Internal Medicine

Doctors Lynch and France enjoy a challenge. They are comfortable diagnosing and managing complex cases. Diabetes, pancreatitis, intestinal diseases, endocrine disorders, liver diseases and kidney diseases are a few examples of cases seen frequently and treated at Eastside.

Dr. Laura treats many different types of cases.


We feel that a yearly wellness plan for your pet is very important. Pets age approximately seven years to every one human year. At Eastside, we put an emphasis on healthy living in order to improve your pet’s quality and length of life. Annual exams promote early detection of diseases. Vaccinations, testing and weight control plans are tailored to each individual dog or cat according to the pet’s lifestyle.

Dr. Laura performs an annual exam.

Anesthesia/Pain Management

All anesthetized pets are closely monitored with an EKG during the length of the procedure. Pre-operative blood work is recommended (especially for pets over age 5) and helps our doctors choose which method of anesthesia fits each individual patient. Surgical patients are maintained with gas anesthesia in order to provide a deep, even plane of sedation. Patients are recovered in our treatment area by trained staff. Pain management is a priority at our hospital for all patients undergoing surgical procedures as well as throughout the post-operative period.

Dr. Rusty performs a surgery as LeAnn assists him.

Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgery

Dr. Henderson has an avid interest and aptitude for veterinary surgery. Orthopedic surgeries available at Eastside range from repair of broken bones and knee realignment surgeries to complicated bone plating and external fixators. Dr. Henderson is also very experienced in all types of soft tissue surgery. Mass removals, peri-rectal, upper respiratory, caesarean section, intestinal and bladder surgeries as well as spays and neuters are performed in our state of the art surgical suite.

Having the latest technology allows the Eastside doctors to accurately diagnose each case.

Diagnostic Testing

We have the ability to perform in-house diagnostic tests in order to identify major organ health issues within 30 minutes. Common ailments including Heart worm Disease, Parvoenterititis, Pancreatitis, Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS can all be diagnosed within 15 minutes at our clinic. For more in-depth diagnostics, an outside lab with next day service that includes consultations with veterinary specialists is available.

Companion Laser

Companion Laser

Drug free, surgery free pain relief for your pet! This is laser infra-red therapy. By delivering a laser light through non-invasive methods, your pet will experience a gentle, smooth, warming relief from pain. The penetrating energy enhances wound healing, reduces chronic pain and eliminates the need for some surgeries. Wounds, allergies, tooth extractions, post-operative healing, degenerative joint disease and arthritis all respond favorably to the companion therapy laser.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Our clinic has donated time and money for many years to our local shelters. Our doctors have performed a vast amount of low cost surgeries and exams. We participate in local vaccination clinics for pet owners in need. Our doctors frequently participate in career days at local area schools, host job shadow programs and give school tours in our hospital. We proudly sponsor many local youth teams. Occasionally, we perform “from the heart” rehab for select “stray” patients. In addition we are proud sponsors of the Fort Smith Boys and Girls Club, the Charleston Dog Shelter and Charleston High School. Please join us in supporting these great programs!