In-House Diagnostics

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We have the ability to perform in-house diagnostic tests in order to identify major organ health issues within 30 minutes. Common ailments including Heart worm Disease, Parvoenterititis, Pancreatitis, Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS can all be diagnosed within 15 minutes at our clinic. For more in-depth diagnostics, an outside lab with next day service that includes consultations with veterinary specialists is available.

Digital Imaging X-rays

What the flat screen and high definition TV has done for video home entertainment, digital x-ray imaging has done for veterinary x-ray medicine. In an effort to improve our diagnostic ability and offer a more complete comprehensive radiographic package for our patients, staff, and doctors of Eastside, we’ve used our time and funds in training in the advanced art of digital x-ray imagery. Like old polaroids used to take good pictures, digital radiography takes phenominal x-rays, allowing us to identify problems once hidden behind analog technology. We can instantly transfer these images to specialists to be evaluated online. In addition, our telemedecine capacity has enhanced the ultrasound and electrocardiograms (EKG) functions that are already in place. We offer the widest variety of telemedicine in the area.


We have advanced diagnostic equipment on site to help our veterinarians uncover certain ailments quickly including cancer, gall bladder disease, bladder stones, liver disease and kidney disease. We can ultrasound our obstetric cases and diagnose pregnancy after just 30 days of gestation.

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