Laser Therapy

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Companion Laser

Drug free, surgery free pain relief for your pet! This is laser infra-red therapy. By delivering a laser light through non-invasive methods, your pet will experience a gentle, smooth, warming relief from pain. The penetrating energy enhances wound healing, reduces chronic pain and eliminates the need for some surgeries. Wounds, allergies, tooth extractions, post-operative healing, degenerative joint disease and arthritis all respond favorably to the companion therapy laser.

Laser Surgery

We are proud to have state of the art laser surgical equipment. Because Eastside was the first veterinary hospital in Arkansas to offer laser surgery, we feel that our experience speaks for itself. This latest advancement in surgical techniques helps our patients by reducing post-operative complications. We feel that certain procedures such as large mass removal, peri-rectal surgery, oral surgery and feline declaws are best performed via laser.

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